Review: Miss Sophie's Hotel Prague

Staying at Miss Sophie's New Town Hotel in Prague: Review

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Classification: 3 Star

Month of Stay: April

Rooms: 16 Rooms

I was excited about this trip. Prague has been on my bucket list for quite some time now. I always hear everybody talk about how beautiful the Czech Republic was so when the opportunity arose; I jumped at the chance. The upcoming weeks before the trip seemed to be torturously long. I would tell people I’m going to Prague, and everybody seemed to have a giant list of things for me to do there. It was like everybody that crossed my path had visited Prague except me, so this trip was a long time coming. During my stay, Miss Sophie’s hosted two-night accommodation for me while I was in Prague, which included a double ensuite room, breakfast and a 90 minute pamper in their wellness centre to relax.

About Miss Sophie's Hotel Prague

Enjoying a peaceful location on the quiet streets of New Town, Miss Sophie’s is a small boutique hotel that is infused with a fresh modern design, courtesy of Czech architect Olga Novotna. The decor combines both vintage furnishings and unique artistry by local artist Zora Mazacova. This charming property features a total of 16 rooms made up of three individually decorated twin rooms, seven double rooms and six retro-styled triple rooms. With its hardwood floors and yellow and grey aesthetics, this boutique hotel is complemented by a neutral colour palette that ties in both contemporary and vintage all in one generous space, making it evident that design is an essential focal point here.

Location Location Location

Miss Sophie’s Hotel is superbly located in a charming yet quiet neighbourhood of New Town. Although the property is outside of the city centre, it is well situated for exploring the city, with excellent access to public transport in the surrounding area.

Getting to Miss Sophie’s was much easier than I had anticipated. I arrived in Prague late evening and made my way to the hotel in which my family were staying so I could join them for dinner, with plans to head to Miss Sophie’s afterwards. By the time we finished eating, it was close to 11 pm. It was dark, and I had no idea how to operate the public transport, so I was expecting a difficult journey ahead, but it was far from it. I hopped on the metro, got off at IP Pavlova and arrived at Miss Sophie’s with no difficulty in less than ten minutes from the station.

Location is most definitely one thing you can adore about Miss Sophie’s New Town. With excellent access to the city centre, I was able to conveniently pop back to the hotel during the day if I needed anything.

Checking In

The check-in process to Miss Sophie felt slightly uncommon to what I considered the norm. I approached the tall double doors and pushed, then realising that I needed a key card to get in, so instead, I had to ring the buzzer.

Housed in a historic building, the reception area is small. I walked up to the steps to the entrance to find a lady sat at a desk behind a computer screen with some pretty unique furnishings surrounding her in the reception area. The friendly receptionist provided me with a rather lengthy description of practically everything there is to do in Prague. She then sent me in the lift to my room on the second floor.

The Ensuite Double Room

After a long day of travelling, I was beyond enthusiastic about being able to throw myself into a cosy bed and rejuvenate my energy for the next day. The hotel decor plays on a soft colour scheme of greys and yellows which exudes a unique character and decorates to embrace a historic ambience fused with contemporary design. The ensuite double room features a double bed, a table holding your usual coffee, teas and kettles; a spacious bathroom with a rain shower, accommodated with complimentary toiletries and hair dryers.

Despite its distinct architectural features and furnishings of the room that adds a unique charm to the branding of the property, there was a certain mysterious atmosphere to the hotel that made comfort levels quite questionable during my stay at Miss Sophie’s New Town. Both the room and the hotel featured a substantial measure of space, which supplemented to not only the coldness of the room but also an uncomfortable feeling being present in the property, which I trust is a critical factor when selecting accommodation. I want to know that I am choosing a hotel that is just like a home away from home. Unfortunately, this isn’t the feeling I received at Miss Sophie’s.

In-Room Features and Amenities

  • Air conditioning unit
  • In-room safe
  • Coffee, tea and a kettle
  • Mini-fridge
  • Luggage storage area
  • Free wi-fi within the property
  • Rain shower in the bathroom

Facilities at Miss Sophie's New Town Prague

On-site facilities are quite limited. However, Miss Sophie’s prides itself on having its private wellness centre that guests can book out to relax. This links to the hotel by an underground passageway, allowing you to relax in complete privacy when you need it most. Miss Sophie’s wellness centre is packed with your jacuzzi and hydromassage, an infrared sauna area to unwind, complimentary fresh fruit and a shower area. Sessions last 90 minutes for up to 3 people and costing just 1500 CZK.

Miss Sophie's Hotel Prague Bottom Line

Miss Sophie’s New Town is deeply committed to providing a chic yet affordable option for travellers to stay in Prague. Although the property makes an effort in styling to differentiate themselves from other hotels in the city; the hotel was unable to provide any means of comfort I had hoped for in an accommodation. From the unwelcoming moment of being buzzed into the building, to the uninviting corridors that lead to an uncomfortable stay in the double room, I can say with all honesty that I was disappointed. Of course, if you’re looking for an affordable place to spend the night, Miss Sophie’s is highly recommended. However, when it comes to accommodation, I look at the property being part of the experience of my trip as a whole. Unfortunately, in this case, it wasn’t a pleasant experience.


  • Sophisticated Modern Interiors
  • Phenomenal cityscape views from each room
  • Impeccable service
  • Great dining experience
  • Perfect levels of service
  • Comfortable environment
  • Great location and access to the city


  • Expensive room rates
  • Limited nearby convenient stores
Overall Rating

Getting to Miss Sophie's New Town Prague Hotel

Getting to Miss Sophie's New Town by public transport from the Airport

The journey from the airport to the hotel by public transport will take around 50 minutes. You will need to take the 119 bus from the airport terminal to Nadrazi Veleslavin metro station. You will then need to take the green metro line to Muzeum metro station. At Muzeum, change to the red metro line and travel one stop to IP Pavlova. Once you have arrived, take the first left exit to the street and continue walking along Katerinska street. You will pass Ibis Hotel on your left and take the first right onto Melounova street. Miss Sophie's will be on your left

Getting to Miss Sophie's New Town by taxi from the Airport

Taking a taxi from the airport, depending on traffic will take around 20-30 minutes. If you decide to take a taxi once you land, AAA Radiotaxi is recommended. The journey to the hotel from the airport will cost around 650 CZK


Miss Sophie's Hotel New Town Hotel Details

Hotel Address

Melounova 3, Prague 2

Hotel Website

Click here to visit the Miss Sophie's hotel Website

Contact Number

+420 210 011 200

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many popular attractions nearby to Miss Sophie’s New Town Hotel that would be great places to visit during your stay:

  • Prague’s Horror theme park
  • Torch VR (Virtual reality escape rooms)
  • The National Museum
  • Na Příkopě – Prague’s most famous shopping street

Unfortunately the small boutique hotel doesn’t have a gym however it does have a wellness centre that is equipped with complimentary fruits, sauna and Jacuzzi to relax in. 

The staff at the hotel speaks many languages including English and Czech. 

The location of Miss Sophie’s is incredibly convenient with the city centre being 0.1 miles away.

Best Time to Visit Prague

  • The best weather: As expected, the Summer months bring in the warmest weathers with temperatures around 21 to 23 degrees Celsius. If you’re looking for milder temperatures, the best time to visit Prague would be end of April or mid-October. 
  • The best time for shopping: As Summer tends to see tourist levels peak, sales would less likely happen during these months. There are no particular months for sale however December and January period you will see Prague transform into a large marketplace, selling handcrafted goods and tasty treats across the city. 
  • The best time for sightseeing: If you’re looking for a time to really see Prague, it is recommended that you visit during April to May time as weathers are mild and crowds are thinner. 
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