East Hotel Hong Kong Review: The Most Comfortable Business Hotel in Hong Kong

Review: Is East Hotel the most comfortable business hotel in Hong Kong?

Location: Hong Kong

Classification: 4 Star

Month of Stay: August

Rooms: 345 Rooms & Suites

It’s no surprise that Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most visited cities. Known for its vibrancy, it’s energy, and the eclectic vibe that fills your soul the moment you step foot off the plane, Hong Kong has always given me that rush of excitement each time I visit. Not to mention the birthplace to many of the worlds most iconic brands in hospitality, Shangri-La, Peninsula and The Mandarin Oriental, to name a few.

When it comes to an excellent business hotel, in a market that’s become more competitive than ever, a unique property means more than just a convenient location, a desk to work at and a bed in the room. And believe me, when I say, frequent business travellers, know what makes a good business hotel. But not all good hotels equate to a good business hotel. Enter East Hotel.

About East Hotel Hong Kong

Located in the buzzing business district of Hong Kong, East hotel is a contemporary and relaxed business and lifestyle hotel from Swire hotels; creating a dynamic environment shaped for the modern-day business traveller. Just a stone’s throw away from Taikoo subway station and connected to Cityplaza mall, East hotel boasts 345 rooms all filled with large floor to ceiling windows to enjoy either the stunning views of Victoria Harbour or the sensational urban views of the city. With interiors designed by award-winning Hong Kong-based architect and interior design studio CL3 Architects Ltd, East hotel is formed to provide physical comfort combined with a contemporary, relaxed and sensual environment.

Location Location Location

For somebody that has no sense of direction, I worry when it comes to travelling. I am always very location-conscious when it comes to the selection process. Probably more than most people. A great business hotel will always take location and convenience into consideration as a significant factor in forming the most stress-free trip for the traveller. With that in mind, of all my travel experiences (both business and pleasure), getting to East Hotel ranks as the most painless by far.

Like most accommodations, I expected to step out of the transport station and pull out my Google Maps. I would then spend possibly a good ten minutes to find my bearings before I breathe that sigh of relief when I reach my hotel doors. With East Hotel, the entire process was non-existent. I took a tube to Taikoo station, stepped out of Exit D1 and before I could pull out my Google Maps, I had arrived. What I didn’t realise was that East Hotel connects to Taikoo tube station. They also have access points to the shopping mall through its restaurant, so its prime location and convenience could not be faulted here.

Checking In

The sizeable open-space lobby is tasteful in design, contemporary in style and even from outside, it’s quickly apparent that this place is something quite special. Checking into the property was a breeze which was what I needed after a long nine-hour flight. East Hotel Hong Kong operates with an advanced paperless check-in service, meaning checking in requires just a signature on a tablet device and all bills and documents are taken care of via email. Not only does this speed up the check-in process, but this green system reduces any paper wastage, protecting the environment.

The Harbour View Room in East Hotel

I opened the door to my Harbour View Room on the 28th floor, and I am immediately brimmed with a rush of emotions. The style was elegant with a business touch. Colour schemes exude a mix of beige, browns and oranges. The room is open-plan, which makes the property a lot more spacious, something I loved. The first thing I noticed upon entry was the magnificent view beaming from the large floor to ceiling window that made up one wall of the room. As I arrived late at night, all that I could see was the phenomenal skyline of Victoria Harbour. I didn’t want to sleep. I just wanted to sit and stare at the view all night.

The Interiors and Room Amenities

The 300 square foot room is geared towards the business traveller. There are plenty of power sockets dotted around the desks, a complimentary device they called handy that allows you enjoy free local and international calls, Apple TV and a 37 inch HD TV. This room pretty much lets you work when you want to work and unwind when you need to unwind.

The bathroom of the Harbour View room here at East hotel isn’t your typical standard business hotel bathroom. As it’s an open plan bedroom, the wash area is semi-open. The bathroom area separates from the bedroom with a slight transparent glass holding the sink, so you’re able to see through the panel when you’re in the bathroom and when you’re showering. While this Harbour View room at East hotel leaves you no privacy, it’s a beautiful contemporary design that opened up the entire place to more space and dimension.

The bath area is in a separate glass enclosure where you’ll find a contemporary fashioned soaking tub as well as rain showers, fully equipped with large bottles of Elemis wash products.

Facilities at East Hotel Hong Kong

With East Hotel connected directly to Cityplaza mall, it is tough to stay unoccupied. However, if shopping is not your thing, the hotel has plenty to offer if you need a break away from the city. Hotel guests have access to BEAST (Body by East). BEAST is the custom-designed gym for the business traveller with the latest fitness equipment and weights. The gym is open 24 hours a day with an outdoor heated swimming pool to accommodate. Impressively, the pools are kept heated, even during the winter. For those that prefer to work out in the great outdoors, the hotel also offers a complimentary bike rental service so you can see the city in a whole new way.

Located 300 feet above the harbour, the hotel affords complete knockout views from East’s rooftop bar and deck which they call Sugar. Sugar offers an all-year-round open terrace where guests can unwind with sublime cocktails, a resident DJ, exquisite food and a sleek setting perfect for relaxing after a hard day’s work.

Dining at East Hotel - FEAST (Food by East)

With inspirational cuisine prepared to cater to guests of all types of tastes and palettes, FEAST (Food by East) has become a dining hotspot in the area. Feast serves a buffet breakfast as well as a la carte lunch and dinner with the focus on Asian specialities combined with international favourites. When you’re travelling on business, you never really have time for the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Sadly I’m very guilty of this. However, East hotel houses another great eatery that supplies to those on-the-go, Feastaway. Feastaway enjoys a range of fresh sandwiches, breakfast, hot dishes and desserts to take on the go.

Admittedly, hotel dining isn’t an element of the experience that excites me the most. Possibly for the reason that I’ve never had a good experience. Despite this, with a little bit of time on my hands, I elected to give this dining experience a chance.

With plentiful options to choose from, I was oddly taken aback by how well executed the dishes were. The selection that Feast has to offer is kept in it’s purest form in a more casual affair yet. It is a great way to make a start on your day.

East Hotel Hong Kong Bottom Line

East Hotel is the perfect base for travellers visiting Hong Kong. Yes, it’s intentionally a business hotel for the working individual, but this haven is so comfortable that I would choose to stay here whatever my reason for visiting Hong Kong. It’s a place that will make you want to stay in all day and enjoy every inch of the hotel. A place that will make you forget that the outside world even exists.

East Hotel Hong Kong is truly a breath of fresh air in the hotel industry. The rooms are beautifully furnished, creating a real home away from home. The comfort is where I think this hotel wins. I’m a true believer that one of the greatest motivators of producing good work is your environment. That’s why East Hotel is perfect for those coming for business. You have no hassle getting around with its unbelievable location, no trouble getting a good night sleep with its incredible comfort and no worries getting some work done with its unbelievable workspace. Having stayed in several properties in Hong Kong, I dare say that East Hotel remains to be a personal favourite of mine. A hotel that I recommend you try whatever the reason for visiting this eclectic vibrant city.


  • Sophisticated Modern Interiors
  • Phenomenal cityscape views from each room
  • Impeccable service
  • Great dining experience
  • Perfect levels of service
  • Comfortable environment
  • Great location and access to the city


  • Expensive room rates
  • Limited nearby convenient stores
Overall Rating

Getting to East Hotel Hong Kong

Hong Kong couldn’t be easier to navigate around. It took me less than a day to figure out how to get around, and I’m a person that has barely any sense of direction. For those coming by plane, Hong Kong serves a total of five different airports, but Hong Kong International Airport is by far the busiest and most popular/most preferred.

Getting to East Hotel by MTR Tube Underground

The closest tube station to the hotel is Taikoo station on the Island Line (blue line). Exit at D1 and you're there. No walking needed!

Travelling to East Hotel by Hotel Transfer

East hotel offers travel arrangements from Hong Kong International airport at a rate of HK$850 (maximum 3 passengers per trip). A Tesla Model S / Mercedes-Benz - HK$950 (maximum 3 passengers per trip). MPV - HK$950 (maximum 5 passengers per trip).

East Hotel Hong Kong Hotel Details

Hotel Address

29 Taikoo Shing Road, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong

Hotel Website

Click here to visit the East Hotel Hong Kong Website

Contact Number

+852 3968 3968

Frequently Asked Questions

Check in time is 14:00 and check-out is 12:00. If you find you still have a long day ahead in the city, East Hotel will have no problems storing your luggage until you are ready to collect later in the day.

East Hotel tries to cater to all tastes and preferences. Guests can enjoy breakfast to eat in or take-away at their restaurant FEAST (Food by East) offering both continental and Asian cuisines. 

East Hotel offers five room types: 

  • The Urban View Room
  • The Urban Corner Room
  • The Harbour View Room
  • The Harbour Corner Room
  • Suite

Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

  • Shopping in Hong Kong: If you want to visit Hong Kong purely for shopping purposes, you’re in luck. Hong Kong is great for shopping all year round, however the best times to get amazing bargains is from July to September. The period after Christmas and before Chinese New Year is also another great period for some decent sales.
  • Best Times to visit Hong Kong Disneyland: Of course, you wouldn’t want to visit Disneyland during monsoon season, so aim to visit between November and April when the weather is relatively dry and temperatures are comfortable to be in. If you want to avoid the long queues, make sure you avoid visiting during any major holiday too. 
  • Visiting Hong Kong festivals: If you wanted to visit Hong Kong when it’s most lively and colourful, visit during Chinese New Year which falls between 21 January to 20 February. But keep in mind that the city will be illuminated with excitement and tourists, so it may be a good idea to plan your trip well in advance.
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East Hotel Hong Kong Review
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Place Name: East Hotel Hong Kong

Place Description: East Hotel Hong Kong is a contemporary and relaxed business and lifestyle hotel from Swire hotels, located in the buzzing business district of Hong Kong. With it's dynamic environment shaped for the modern day business traveller, the hotel is connected to Cityplaza mall, boasting of 345 rooms and stunning views Victoria Harbour. It's contemporary interiors are designed by award-winning Hong Kong based architect and interior design studio CL3 Artitechts Ltd, East Hotel was formed with every intention to provide travellers with physical comfort combined with a relaxed, contemporary and sensuous environment.

  • Design
  • Dining
  • Location
  • Amenities
  • Service
  • Wi-fi
  • Value
  • Cleanliness
  • Comfort


East Hotel is the perfect base for travellers visiting Hong Kong. The rooms are beautifully furnished creating a real home away from home; and this is where I think this hotel wins. I’m a true believer that one of the greatest motivators of producing good work is your environment. That’s why East Hotel is perfect for those coming for business. You have no hassle getting around with it’s unbelievable location, no trouble getting a good nights sleep with it’s unbelievable comfort and no worries getting some work done with it’s unbelievable work space. Having stayed in a number of properties in Hong Kong, I dare say that East Hotel remains to be a personal favourite of mine.



  • Comfortable environment
  • Contemporary design
  • Many facilities to take advantage of
  • Unbeatable location


  • Reception area can get quite busy in the daytimes due to busy location
  • Food is of good standard however could be better if there was a specific focus – East Hotel currently aims to cater to all cuisines
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