How to Save Money Shopping: The Secrets You Never Knew

The Secrets That Can Help You Save Money While Shopping

I‘m not sure if it’s a good title to have but my partner always labels me as the go-to person for finding discounts and discount codes when it comes to a purchase. But let’s face it. There isn’t a single person you’ll meet that wouldn’t want to save money shopping right? I’m not cheap, I just shop well. And while the store aims to make as much money as possible, we aim to get what we need without giving as much as they can take. But it shouldn’t be so hard. I think one of the main reasons I’ve been awarded that label by my partner is because whilst I’m so good at saving money while shopping, he’s the complete opposite. He would rather spend extra than to go through the hassle of searching for ways to save on his purchase. This is where I come in useful. Once you know some of the most valuable insider secrets, you’ll be able to save money while shopping easier than you imagine possible, without even thinking about it.

Discover the Top 10 Tips and Tricks that Stores Don’t Want You to Know

1. Discount Markings on Price Tags

When I used to work at Burberry, to prepare for sale period, we would go round and mark a little dot on the corner of the price tag of stock that was on sale. That way when it was time to convert a section of the store to dedicate to sale, these items will be easily identifiable. Many stores do this. Some will mark a dot, some will scribble on a number or a letter but if you spot this on a tag, make sure you hold off on buying the item. You’ll find that when sale period approaches, this item will be reduced. Sales assistants will usually begin to start marking their stock a week before sale period commences. If you are not sure when the store’s sale period is, just simply ask the question.

2. Analysing Cost Per Unit on the Packaging

Working in marketing and advertising, one thing I’ve realised is that every move a brand makes is strategic, especially within the creation of packaging. Of course, cost per unit is probably the last thing we would look at in our purchasing process. However, this could help save you some real money here. Although the packaging looks bigger, are you really getting more for your money? This is why you should always look at the cost per unit that is on the label of the packaging. Is the cost per unit lower in the smaller size of whatever you need to buy or is it lower in the larger quantity?

3. Using Online Chat to Haggle the Price

Asking for help has never been easier since the launch of live chat. Whilst the intention of company’s integrating a live chat platform is to provide customers with the help that they need when shopping, it is also a tool for them to convert sales. For us, it is an invitation to haggle the price. You could save money shopping simply by just asking the question. If you see a little window on the corner of your screen offering help while browsing, use this to ask a little more about the product that you are eyeing an end by requesting a discount. You’ll find that many brands such as Nike and Dyson are happy to provide you with an extra discount to make that sale. Some brands won’t budge on pricing such as Apple and Schuh but it wouldn’t hurt to ask right?

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4. Leave the Items in Your Cart When Online Shopping

As the digital landscape evolves, you’ll find that online e-commerce brands are finding lots of new and clever ways to target shoppers. If you already know what you want, a great way to save money is by adding the items to your shopping cart or go to the checkout page without confirming the order. Leave these items in there for a few days then check your email. You may find a discount code or a good deal such as free shipping that you are able to take advantage of as an incentive to finishing your order. Many brands and websites such as Etsy do this just to give you that final push.

5. Shop at Zara for Cheaper

If you didn’t know already, Zara is a Spanish brand. That means that the brand will be selling their clothes for a lot cheaper in Spain. So if you are planning a trip to this beautiful country, drop all those clothes from Zara that you had your eye on and buy them in Spain instead. You’ll find the price of Zara goods around 30% cheaper over there than anywhere else.

6. Decipher Which Items are Clearance

If you are looking to buy a large electrical good like a cooker or a fridge freezer, keep an eye out for the price tags labelled on the item. Some large electrical good stores use secret price codes to let store staff know which models are in clearance and need to be shifted quickly. It is common to find prices on goods to end in 0 or 9 such as £29.99 or £30.00, however if you find an item that ends in 7 or 8 (£29.97), this usually means that this model has been discontinued and is in clearance. It is also a great opportunity to haggle the price further. If you find a price that ends in 1, this usually means that it is old clearance stock.

7. Be Careful of Dynamic Pricing

Many airlines, hotels and online businesses use what we call dynamic pricing. Loosely defined, dynamic pricing is a concept whereby the price of a product is dependent on the demand. For example, an airline will identify the potential customer by the IP address of the device the user used to browse. They will then use this data to search for any flight history in their browser and then tailor an airfare to what their system predicts that the customer would pay for them. As a result, two different shoppers could be paying different prices for the same flight, even if they were purchased at the same time. To save yourself from paying more than what a new browsing customer is paying, simply clear your browser history or use incognito or private browsing when you make that purchase.

8. Take Advantage of Error Fares 

Error fares are quite common in the travel industry, yet are a lesser known topic. Error fares are HUGELY reduced airfare tickets caused by a mistake in the system, or by human error. When I say huge, I don’t mean 10% – 20%. On a more famous occasion, a United Airline ticket that was supposed to cost $4,000 was sold for just $79 when a mishap in currency conversion occurred. A great way to find error fares is by visiting the sites that are on a constant lookout for these. You’ll find more details on error fares here.

9. Get Free Delivery with Amazon…If You’re Smart About It

Does anybody remember the good old days when Amazon offered free delivery for anything over £10? Now, more often than not, I find myself cancelling an order I’ve added to my basket because of the extortionate delivery costs that make what seemed to be an okay-priced item far more expensive than it should be. In May 2015, Amazon increased this threshold for free delivery to any order over £20. Luckily for you, I’ve found this great tool that will search Amazon for items to fill your basket so you will be entitled to free delivery, instead of having to pay the full delivery cost. For example, if you found an item for £19.50 and delivery came to £6, this tool will help you find a filler item such as a chocolate bar to add to your basket, this way you will be able to take advantage of free delivery…and I chocolate bar I guess?

10. Use Honey Extension for Chrome to Find Discounts

If you sometimes have trouble searching the net for discount codes or you’re used to finding discount codes that jus don’t work when you type them in, you’ll love the Honey extension. The Honey app is a browser extension that can save you money by searching for coupons on some of your most favourite shopping sites online. You simply shop like you normally would online and click the Honey extension once installed and the plug-in will display a number of discount codes that you can copy and paste into the site before you pay. I’ve tried Honey a thousand times and the discount codes really save me time scouring the internet and best of all saves me money!

Buying the items that you want and things that you need doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg each time. Once you know how to shop smart, saving money will be a natural thing for you and it really couldn’t be easier. Let me know in the comments below your secrets to saving money while shopping!

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