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Welcome to the Joeyt Lifestyle Blog

Think of the last time you were in your happy place. Was it last week, last month, or maybe your last vacation? I believe that happiness can be found in the little things—a cup of coffee, your favorite song playing on the radio, or sharing a meal with some of your favorite people. Happiness is a state of mind. It’s about knowing where to look and how to fully appreciate what life has in store. 

My blog is my happy place, and I hope it becomes yours too. This lifestyle blog is where you’ll find advice I wish I could give my younger self, tips and tricks on making important decisions, and articles that will help you add more adventure into your life. I explore topics related to money, career paths, travel, beauty, health and wellness, relationships and more—nothing is off limits. I want to speak openly and candidly about what’s important to you, no matter how big or small.

My ultimate goal is giving people a space where they can take a step back, breathe, and drown out the noise. Joeyt is a place where you can find your center and start your journey toward a happier, healthier, and more balanced life.

Everything big starts with small changes. So whatever goal you’re reaching for, make sure you get your daily dose of self-care in, whether that’s doing yoga, visiting the salon, going to bed early, or reading your favorite blog. Self-care is essential to keep pushing forward without burning out. Be good to your mind and body and remember to always prioritize your happiness.

If you’re ready to hit refresh on your life or start doing more of what makes you happy, and you need some guidance along the way, you’ve come to the right place. With a bit of humor and a lot of good advice, I think you’ll like what you find here.

So settle in, grab a drink or grab a friend, and start exploring my lifestyle blog today.

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